Codeigniter is a powerful PHP framework used for developing web applications rapidly. Codeigniter is an open-source, free, easy to use, object-oriented PHP web artisan framework providing a ready to use library to use with web applications. It is loosely based on Model View Controller architecture but it can be modified as Hierarchical Model View Controller architecture which allows the developers to maintain modular grouping of the provides out of box libraries for connecting to the database and performing various operations like sending emails, uploading files, and managing sessions. Codeigniter is mostly used for its speed as compared to other PHP frameworks. There is a database API to make it easier and convenient to execute SQL Codeigniter, the Controller, Model, And View are arranged in a subdirectory is extremely light waits. It also provides modularity, testability, routing, authentication, security. The latest version of Codeigniter which is in use is Codeigniter 4.

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