A website template is a pre-built website consisting of HTML pages that include integrated images, text content, and font style and Javascript support files. The end-user inputs their information, text and images into the pre-built design and then uploads it for viewing on the Internet to a web hosting account. Template designs are self-contained, or stand-alone, web pages downloaded in zip file format, including those supported by Allwebco. This allows the purchaser to access the website they are creating, including all source code, stock images and files, fully and easily. Web templates and templates for websites are the same things. It is possible to create an HTML web template using HTML or XHTML and it will contain CSS and JavaScript code. PHP and ASP templates can also contain either HTML or XHTML code in certain cases. HTML 5 is the latest edition, but HTML 4.01 has been in use for a number of years and is still in use on a number of websites. On Oct 28, 2014, the latest version of HTML5, developed by WHATWG, became a stable W3C recommendation, with formal certification. All modern web browsers and mobile devices support it and it is in common use on many popular websites.

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