Laravel is a well known, open-source PHP framework designed to develop custom web apps easier and faster through build-in and security features for both small and large projects. Laravel is one of the best and commonly used frameworks out there and it is capable of catering to the needs of both experts and beginners. It has access to relational databases and other utilities for application deployment and maintenance. This framework was intended for web application development, in particular for those which follow the MVC (Model View Controller) architectural pattern based on Symfony. It provides a complete authentication system. The “Model” represents the shape of the data or simply builds its architecture. The “Controller” interacts with the model. If a user requests any page, the Controller communicates with the model and fetches the information on the requested page. then the controller used that info to create a view. The view is all in the HTML format. Laravel uses this structure to develop any web app. It also provides modularity, testability, routing, authentication, security. The latest version of laravel is Laravel 8.

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